Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ghuru Group

You have reached the blog of Ghost Hunters United Research of the Unexplained. We have been ghost hunting & debunking for over 12 years & we are now open to public members. We are looking for anyone who needs help or just wants to impress us with their pet leave us info & if you are within close proximity of Corpus Christi, Texas we will come-fully equipped-and get to the root of your haunting. We will be able to debunk, confirm, & even instruct you on how to rid yourself of the problem. We do have a TV crew that hunts with it is not a couple of weirdos with a camera....even though some in the group are definitely weirdos...

We are currently scaring up a few pics , evp, & videos for you guys, but in the meantime you can view our old page at

Visit & click the link for the Chill with Phil show -he ROCKS & we will all be on TV together soon - stay in touch for more details! Or-click this link to see Phil here on blogpost!