Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cemetery Jan 2008

This was an amazing hunt. We had Phil in tow if course ... you can watch the footage during his show Saturday night Jan 26th starting at 11pm ish on KTOV - see his blog for more details...

Anyway - this was a terrific chase... less than 5 minutes into the investigation my EVP recorder battery went dead & also my digital camera battery. Phil & Joe went to the back of the cemetery by themselves & when they hurried back to the front they reported a shadow figure following them down the fence line & by a tree. We all CLEARLY heard footsteps through the dry grass & we all stood perfectly still together - looking with flashlights & listening to the steps for quite some time. When we asked for a sign we all heard a thud like something hitting a tombstone. We all looked around the tombstone but could find nothing. When asked for another sign because Phil did not hear it - a loud ping on the metal fence was heard. Strange mist was photographed under the tree - double apparitions by a tombstone - and orbs galore. When we were leaving we asked for one more for the road & the fence less then 5 foot in front of us was pinged rather loudly. It was awesome & we can;t wait to go back - with new batteries in our recorder & plenty of back up n the car to see about getting some EVP in this very active cemetery! Check us out on KTOV Saturday night channel 21 on directv or channel 14 or 15 on charter I think. Check out the pics here! Thanks for reading - GHURU

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