Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goliad, TX Presidio La Bahia 10/08/07

One of our FAVORITE ghost hunting places. You can see older pics of Goliad at our other web page at www.geocities.com/tamcan Usually we have a TON of EVP from Goliad hunts, which we try to do at least once a year. This year was AMAZING, but not one whisper on the EVP strangely enough. We went to investigate the friar...the evil entity that has been reported in the Victoria Advocate from spotters in years past. He is supposed to watch over the quadrangle at Goliad & it is said you must remain very still if you see him as he is aggressive. Also in the Victoria Advocate ws stories about Goliad reportings at La Bahia of babies crying, a woman appearing & then floating above ground across the quadrangle & over the back wall to the cemetary by Fannin's Memorial. A woman in black crying in the church -suring the day has been seen by many over the years. With all this new stuff we uncovered we went fully armed with EVP, cameras, motion detectors, pendulems, writing tools for any ghostlly interaction, poloroid as well as digital cameras & plenty of energy drinks to make it through the night. The results were awesome! We caught as evidence mostly video - which is rare at Goliad. We have videos of the cameras being pushed around a little as if someone is fumbling with them ot turn them off. 2 Cameras were set up, so you can see nothing on the other camera, but then when it won;t turn off the meddling started on the other camera. The second camera after shaking around a few times acutally turned off which you can hear on the 2nd camera that was rolling. Then you see the group walking in from the quadrangel & checking the cameras...and you hear us saying - "Hey - this camera is off & the tape is not over & the battery is not dead-how did that happen?" We found out how later when we went through the tapes & saw it with our own eyes. Another crazy event that was caught on tape was while we were trying to communicate through a hangling glow light with the spirits. We were talking about the last time we were there how they kept turning off our TV monitor & then demanded the spirits to show themselves if they were really there. You can hear on the camera a loud grinding noise as if something very heavy was shoved across the floor. We of course jump up with the camera & ran into the room where the sound came from, but upon investigation we found nothing .... until we viewed the tape. The second the camera enters that room the sound gets VERY fuzzy - almost louder than our talking. The whole time we are in that room the sound is bad & then the second we walk out...crystal clear again. The fun didn't stop there...as personal experiences we heard ,,,,

Horses galloping on 4 different occassions.

Extremely loud banging from the office area - but us peeping through the keyholes & knocking on the door received no response.

While inside the quarters we heard a man clearing his throat so loud we were worried a real person had jumped the wall & was in there with us. We immediately went outside to invesitgate, but upon a thorough search inside & outside - there was nothing there...at least nothing human...

We did debunk a few things as always. There is a guest sign in book there where many people reported things like a strange large bird...which we saw-nothing paranormal about that... The toilet that flushes by itself - happened to us & it is because the toilet tank plunger was a little off causing water to trickle into the tank continuously...thus causing a flush ever so often. Good scary moment though when the toilet flushes itself - loved it. There was a local cat also, that invaded us. We thought we were hearing the baby crying sound, but when we investigated it...there was this sweet little kitty - meowing ever so softly as he walked through the Quadrangle...not sure how he got in or got out...but I filmed him-he was there.

We never saw the friar, we did smell a strong rotting smell for a while which has been reported before the friar reveals himself, but we never hit the pay dirt on that one & could not find any source of the smell. Either way - we had a BLAST this year & look forward to going again. Here are a few pics from this year, but nothing awesome - you can see more at our other page listed above.

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dodie said...

My family is from Goliad, I have heard stories all my life. I would like to sit in on your next adventure it possible.